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CentOS 7.0 - man page for pnmflip (centos section 0)

Pnmflip User Manual(0)							   Pnmflip User Manual(0)

       pnmflip was replaced in Netpbm 10.13 (December 2002) by pamflip(1)

       pamflip is mostly backward compatible with pnmflip, but works on PAM images too.

       One  way  pamflip is not backward compatible with pnmflip is that pnmflip lets you specify
       any number of basic flip options, whereas pamflip requires exactly one.	(pamflip provides
       the  -xform  option  for  requesting  multiple  transformations, though).  Because of this
       incompatibility, pnmflip still exists as a separate program, and all it does is	translate
       its options to pamflip style and run pamflip.

       You  should  not make any new use of pnmflip and if you modify an existing use, you should
       upgrade to pamflip.  But note that if you write a program that might have to be used  with
       very old Netpbm, pnmflip is the only way to do that.

netpbm documentation							   Pnmflip User Manual(0)

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