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Pdbimgtopam User Manual(0)					       Pdbimgtopam User Manual(0)

       pdbimgtopam - convert a Palm Pilot Image Viewer PDB Image to a PAM image


       [-notefile=filename] [-verbose]


       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pdbimgtopam  reads  a  Palm  Pilot  Image Viewer image (and Image record in a PDB file) as
       input, from Standard Input or palmfile, and produces a PAM image as output.

       If the Pilot image is monochrome, the PAM output has maxval 1.  Otherwise, it  has  maxval
       255.   Note  that  Pilot  images  are  always  monochrome.   The  PAM image has tuple type

	      Display various interesting information about the input file and process.

	      Write the image note (if any) to the specified file.

	      If you don't specify this, pdbimgtopam ignores any image note.

       pamtopdbimg(1) , pnmtopalm(1) , pam(1) ,

       pdbimgtopam was new in Netpbm 10.52 (September 2010).   It  was	modelled  after  Eric  A.
       Howe's imgvtopbm package, which dates back to September 1997.

netpbm documentation			25 September 2010	       Pdbimgtopam User Manual(0)
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