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Pbmtoibm23xx User Manual(0)					      Pbmtoibm23xx User Manual(0)

       pbmtoibm23xx - convert a PBM image to IBM 23XX printer stream

       pbmtoibm23xxx [-xres=dpi] [-yres=dpi] [pbmfile ...]

       Minimum	unique	abbreviation of option is acceptable.  You may use double hyphens instead
       of single hyphen to denote options.  You may use white space in place of the  equals  sign
       to separate an option name from its value.

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pbmtoibm23xx  reads  one or more PBM files as input and writes an IBM 23XX printer command
       stream to generate all the images in all the files to Standard Output.

       If you don't specify any file names, pbmtoibm23xx reads from Standard Input.

	      This option specifies the horizontal resolution in dots per inch.  Valid values are
	      60, 120, and 240.

	      This  option  specifies the vertical resolution in dots per inch.  Valid values are
	      60, 120, and 240.

       -slow  Use the slower printing mode where two modes with the same  resolution  are  avail-
	      able.   This  usually produces better quality prints.  This affects only modes with
	      horizontal resolution 120, but might affect other modes in future versions  of  the

       There  are probably better ways to control the IBM 23XX printers.  Let me know if you find

       pbmtoibm23xx was new in Netpbm 10.25 (October 2004).

       pbm(1) , Ghostscript (gs).

       Copyright (C) 2004 Jorrit Fahlke <jorrit@jorrit.de>.  Copying policy: GNU GPL version 2

netpbm documentation			 October 16, 2004	      Pbmtoibm23xx User Manual(0)
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