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Pbmtoepson User Manual(0)						Pbmtoepson User Manual(0)

       pbmtoepson - convert a PBM image into Epson printer graphics


       [-dpi=n] [-protocol={escp9|escp}] [-adjacent] [-noadjacent]


       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pbmtoepson  reads  a PBM image as input and produces a stream of Epson printer graphics as

       The input is from the file identified by the pbmfile argument or,  if  you  don't  specify
       pbmfile, from Standard Input.  Output is to Standard Output.

       The  output  is	for traditional (ca 1991) Epson 9-wire dot matrix (sometimes called ESC/P
       9-wire) printers or newer ESC/P printers.  For a more modern Epson  ESC/P2  type  printer,
       try pbmtoescp2.

       Before  Netpbm 10.23 (July 2004), pbmtoepson could not produce ESC/P streams -- only ESC/P

       The Epson printer protocols are described in Epson's protocol specification.

       Note that there is no epsontopbm tool - this transformation is one way.

	      This determines which Epson printer protocol the output uses.  escp9 is  the  older
	      ESC/P 9-pin protocol.  escp is the newer ESC/P protocol.	For the even newer ESC/P2
	      protocol, you have to use pbmtoescp2 instead.

	      This option was new in Netpbm 10.23 (July 2004).

       -dpi=n This specifies the horizontal print density in dots per inch.  The protocol  allows
	      only certain values: 60, 72, 80, 90, 120, 144, and 240.  Actually, the ESC/P proto-
	      col allows a few others, but pbmtoepson doesn't know how to  generate  the  command
	      streams that use them.

	      If  you  don't  specify this, pbmtoepson chooses a horizontal print density for you
	      consistent with your other options.

	      This option was new in Netpbm 10.23 (July 2004).


	      These options determine whether the output uses 'adjacent  dot  printing'  or  not,
	      whatever that is.

	      If  you don't specify this, pbmtoepson selects adjacent dot printing unless that is
	      incompatible with your other options.

	      This option was new in Netpbm 10.23 (July 2004).

       pbmtoescp2(1) , pbm(1) ,

       Copyright (C) 1991 by John Tiller (tiller@galois.msfc.nasa.gov) and Jef Poskanzer.

netpbm documentation			  8 August 2003 		Pbmtoepson User Manual(0)
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