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Pamtooctaveimg User Manual(0)					    Pamtooctaveimg User Manual(0)

       " "netpbm documentation"

       pamtooctaveimg - convert a Netpbm image to a GNU Octave image

       pamtooctaveimg [netpbmfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pamtooctaveimg	reads	a   Netpbm   image   as   input   and	produces   a  GNU  Octave
       <http://www.octave.org/>  image file as output.

       An Octave image file (called 'Octave's image format' in Octave documentation) is a partic-
       ular kind of Octave data file.  It describes two matrices:

       o      the image itself as a list of indexes into a colormap, and

       o      the corresponding colormap as a list of {red, green, blue} triplets.

       An Octave data file is an ASCII text file that you use to import data to Octave.

       See the
	Image	Processing   chapter   <http://www.gnu.org/software/octave/doc/interpreter/Image-
       Processing.html#Image-Processing>  of the GNU Octave manual for details.

       pamtooctaveimg writes the output Octave image to Standard Output.

       netpbmfile is the name of the file containing the input PNM or PAM image, or - to indicate
       Standard  Input.  If you don't specify netpbmfile, the input is from Standard Input.  pam-
       tooctaveimg converts only the first image in the input stream.

	  % pamtooctaveimg myimage.ppm > myimage.img
	  % octave
	  > [img,map] = loadimage("myimage.img");

	  # (At this point, img is an X by Y matrix and map is a 3 by M matrix.)

	  > imshow(img,map);   # Displays img with colormap map
	  > [r,g,b] = ind2rgb(img,map);

	  # (r, g, and b are now each X by Y matrices of color levels [0 to 1].)

	  > [newimg,newmap] = rgb2ind(r,b,g);	# Swap the blue and green channels.
	  > saveimage("newimage.ppm", newimg, "ppm", newmap);  # Save as a PPM file.

       There is no octavetopam program.  However, GNU Octave's saveimage command can save  images
       in PPM format.

       pamtooctaveimg was new in Netpbm 10.39 (June 2007).

       octave(1) , pam(1)

       Copyright (C) 2007 Scott Pakin, scott+pbm@pakin.org.

					   27 June 2007 	    Pamtooctaveimg User Manual(0)
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