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Pamtoavs User Manual(0) 						  Pamtoavs User Manual(0)

       pamtoavs - convert a Netpbm image to an AVS X image

       pamtoavs [netpbmfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pamtoavs  reads	a  Netpbm  image  as input and produces a Stardent <acronym xml:lang="en"
       title="Application Visualization System">AVS</acronym> X image as output. AVS X images are
       one of the few image formats Gnuplot <http://www.gnuplot.info/>	v4.2 and later can use.

       netpbmfile is the input file, which defaults to Standard Input.	Output is always on Stan-
       dard Output.

       Try the following:

	   gnuplot> plot 'myimage.avs' binary filetype=avs with rgbimage

       See the Gnuplot manual (1)
	for more information.

       Copyright (C) 2010 Scott Pakin, scott+pbm@pakin.org.

       avstopam(1) , gnuplot <http://www.gnuplot.info/> , pam(1)

netpbm documentation			 7 February 2010		  Pamtoavs User Manual(0)
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