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Pamsharpness User Manual(0)					      Pamsharpness User Manual(0)

       pamsharpness - measure the sharpness of a PNM/PAM image

       pamsharpness [imagefile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pamsharpness reads a Netpbm image (PNM or PAM) and prints a number that tells how sharp it

       Sharpness is a measure of how suddenly (in space) colors change in the  image.	pamsharp-
       ness  computes  the  sharpness of the image as the average difference in intensity between
       each pixel and its 8 surrounding pixels, in each of the color components (R, G, B).

       pamsharpness does not include the edges of the image, where there are not  8  pixels  sur-
       rounding a pixel, in its computation.

       pamsharpness  assumes  that  the  image	is a PNM or PNM equivalent PAM.  If it isn't, the
       results are not necessarily meaningful.

       pamsharpmap(1) , pammasksharpen(1) , pam(1) , pnm(1)

       pamsharpness was added to Netpbm in Release 10.21 (March 2004).	Bryan  Henderson  derived
       it from the program pnmsharp by B.W. van Schooten and distributed as part of the Photopnm-
       tools package.

netpbm documentation			 07 February 2004	      Pamsharpness User Manual(0)
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