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Pamrgbtopng User Manual(0)					       Pamrgbtopng User Manual(0)

       pamrgbatopng - convert PAM color/transparency image to PNG

       pamrgbatopng [pamfile]

       Minimum	unique	abbreviation of option is acceptable.  You may use double hyphens instead
       of single hyphen to denote options.  You may use white space in place of the  equals  sign
       to separate an option name from its value.

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pamrgbatopng  reads  a  PAM image with the RGB_ALPHA tuple type (a color visual image with
       transparency) and produces an equivalent PNG image as output.

       The input image if from the file named by the pamfile argument, or Standard Input  if  you
       don't specify pamfile.  The output goes to Standard Output.

       The  maxval  of the input image must be 255.  You can use pamdepth to change the maxval of
       an image to 255 if necessary.

	is a much more powerful program for generating PNG images from Netpbm images, but it can-
       not  take  PAM images with transparency as input.  To supply transparency information, you
       must supply it in a separate PGM image.	That makes it  considerably  less  convenient  to

       (But  note  that pnmtopng takes PAM images, even with RGB_ALPHA tuple type just fine -- it
       just ignores the alpha plane).

       Netpbm's strategic direction is to add to pnmtopng all the  capabilities  of  pamrgbatopng
       and retire pamrgbatopng.  But there's no telling when that will happen.





       pamrgbatopng was new in Netpbm 10.30 (October 2005).

netpbm documentation			   24 July 2006 	       Pamrgbtopng User Manual(0)
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