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Pammosaicknit User Manual(0)					     Pammosaicknit User Manual(0)

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       Table Of Contents <#contents>

       pammosaicknit - validate a mosaic knitting pattern

       pammosaicknit [in_netpbmfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       pammosaicknit	  helps      the     user     create	 mosaic     knitting	 patterns
       <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slip-stitch_knitting#Mosaic_knitting> . The program inputs a
       black-and-white	Netpbm image that describes a mosaic knitting pattern and outputs a color
       Netpbm image of the same pattern but with invalid runs shown in red.

       A valid knitting pattern starts with a <q>black</q>  row  on  the  bottom  and  alternates
       <q>white</q>  and  <q>black</q>	rows.  A  <q>black</q> row can contain any arrangement of
       black pixels but no more than three consecutive white pixels. A <q>white</q> row can  con-
       tain any arrangement of white pixels but no more than three consecutive black pixels. Col-
       umns wrap horizontally, so a <q>white</q> row that both begins and  ends  with  two  black
       pixels is deemed to contain four consecutive black pixels. Because this is an invalid num-
       ber for a <q>white</q> row, those four pixels will be recolored red in the output image.

       For clarity, there are two shades of red in the output image.  Dark  red  pixels  indicate
       pixels that were black in the input image but which must contain one or more white pixels.
       Light red pixels indicate pixels that were white in the input image but which must contain
       one or more black pixels.

       If the output image contains no red pixels, then the input image represents a valid mosaic
       knitting pattern.

       pammosaicknit's only argument, in_netpbmfile, is the name of an image file that represents
       a mosaic knitting pattern. If you don't specify in_netpbmfile, the program reads the image
       from Standard Input.

       If the input image is not a black-and-white image, pammosaicknit converts it internally to
       black  and  white  by  thresholding  each pixel's luminosity. The output image is always a
       color image containing at most four colors (black, white, dark red, light red).



       pammosaicknit was new in Netpbm 10.53 (December 2010).

       Copyright (C) 2010 Scott Pakin, scott+pbm@pakin.org.

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netpbm documentation			 12 December 2010	     Pammosaicknit User Manual(0)
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