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Palmtopnm User Manual(0)						 Palmtopnm User Manual(0)

       palmtopnm - convert a Palm Bitmap to a PNM image



       [-rendition N]

       [-showhist] [palmfile] palmtopnm




       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       palmtopnm reads a Palm Bitmap as input, from Standard Input or palmfile and produces a PPM
       image as output.

       Alternatively (when you specify -transparent), palmtopnm writes the value of the transpar-
       ent color in the Palm Bitmap to Standard Output.

       Palmtopnm  can  convert Palm Bitmaps with the following features.  This does not mean that
       it doesn't handle other features.  These are just the ones we found worth mentioning.

       o      Version 0

       o      Version 1

       o      Version 2

       o      Version 3 (new in Netpbm 10.27 (March 2005))

       o      Scanline compression

       o      RLE compression

       o      Packbits compression (new in Netpbm 10.27 (March 2005))

	      Display various interesting information about the input file and process.

	      If the Palm Bitmap has a transparent color set, palmtopnm writes the value for that
	      color  to  Standard  Output in the form #RRGGBB, where RR, GG, and BB are two-digit
	      hexadecimal numbers indicating a value in the range 0 through 255.  If no transpar-
	      ent  color is set in the Bitmap, palmtopnm writes nothing.  palmtopnm does not gen-
	      erate any output image when you specify -transparent.

       -rendition N
	      Palm Bitmaps may contain several different renditions of the same image, with  dif-
	      ferent  depths.	By default, palmtopnm  operates on the first rendition (rendition
	      number 1) in the image.  This switch allows you to operate on  a	different  rendi-
	      tion.   The  value  must	be  between  1 and the number of renditions in the image,

	      This option causes palmtopnm to write a histogram of colors in the  input  file  to
	      Standard Error.

       pnmtopalm(1) , pamtopdbimg(1) , pnm(1) ,

       You  cannot  generate  an alpha mask if the Palm Bitmap has a transparent color.  However,
       you can still do this with ppmcolormask with a Netpbm pipe similar to:

       palmtopnm bitmap.palm | ppmcolormask `palmtopnm -transparent bitmap.palm`

       Before Netpbm 10.23 (July 2004), there was a -forceplain option.  But that had been redun-
       dant for a long time, since the Netpbm common option -plain does the same thing.

       This program was originally written as Tbmptopnm.c, by Ian Goldberg.  It was heavily modi-
       fied by Bill Janssen to add color, compression, and transparency function.

       Copyright 1995-2001 by Ian Goldberg and Bill Janssen.

netpbm documentation			 26 January 2005		 Palmtopnm User Manual(0)
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