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Mrftopbm User Manual(0) 						  Mrftopbm User Manual(0)

       mrftopbm - convert an MRF image to PBM format

       mrftopbm [ -a ] [ input.mrf ]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       mrftopbm converts an MRF image to PBM format.

       mrftopbm  takes	the  MRF image from the file named by the input.mrf argument, or Standard
       Input if you don't specify input.mrf.  The output goes to Standard Output.

       For more information about mrf, see theMRF specification (1)

       -a     causes mrftopbm to include the edges, if any, in the output  PBM.   This	may  help
	      when debugging a compressor's edge optimization.

       Russell Marks.

       pbmtomrf(1) , pbm(1) , mrf(1)

netpbm documentation			  10 August 2003		  Mrftopbm User Manual(0)
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