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Gemtopnm User Manual(0) 						  Gemtopnm User Manual(0)

       gemtopnm - convert a GEM .img file into a PNM image

       gemtopnm [-d] [gemfile]

       This program is part of Netpbm(1)

       gemtopnm  reads	a  GEM	.img  file,  either the one plane (black/white) or four plane (16
       color) varieety, as input and produces a PBM or PPM file as output, depending  on  whether
       the input is one or four plane.

       The input file is gemfile if you specify that argument, or Standard Input otherwise.  Out-
       put is to Standard Output.

       -d     Produce output describing the contents of the .img file.

       pbmtogem(1) , pnm(1)

       Copyright (C) 1988 Diomidis D. Spinellis (dds@cc.ic.ac.uk).

netpbm documentation			  30 April 2000 		  Gemtopnm User Manual(0)
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