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uupoll(8) [bsd man page]

UUPOLL(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 UUPOLL(8)

uupoll - poll a remote UUCP site SYNOPSIS
uupoll [ -ggrade ] [ -n ] system DESCRIPTION
Uupoll is used to force a poll of a remote system. It queues a null job for the remote system and then invokes uucico(8). The following options are available: -ggrade Only send jobs of grade grade or higher on this call. -n Queue the null job, but do not invoke uucico. Uupoll is usually run by cron(5) or by a user who wants to hurry a job along. A typical entry in crontab could be: 0 0,8,16 * * * /usr/bin/uupoll ihnp4 0 4,12,20 * * * /usr/bin/uupoll ucbvax This will poll ihnp4 at midnight, 0800, and 1600, and ucbvax at 0400, noon, and 2000. If the local machine is already running uucico every hour and has a limited number of outgoing modems, a more elegant approach might be: 0 0,8,16 * * * /usr/bin/uupoll -n ihnp4 0 4,12,20 * * * /usr/bin/uupoll -n ucbvax 5 * * * * /usr/sbin/uucico -r1 This will queue null jobs for the remote sites at the top of hour; they will be processed by uucico when it runs five minutes later. FILES
/etc/uucp/ UUCP internal files /usr/spool/uucp/ Spool directory SEE ALSO
uucp(1), uux(1), uucico(8) 4.3 Berkeley Distribution October 23, 1996 UUPOLL(8)

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errors(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							 errors(4)

errors - Contains a record of uucico daemon errors SYNOPSIS
/usr/spool/uucp/.Admin/errors DESCRIPTION
The /usr/spool/uucp/.Admin/errors file contains a record of uucico daemon errors that the uucp program cannot correct. For example, if the uucico daemon is unable to access a directory that is needed for a file transfer, the uucp program records this in the errors file. If debugging is enabled for the uucico daemon, the uucp program sends the error messages to standard output instead of to the errors file. EXAMPLES
Following is the text of an error that might appear in the errors file: ASSERT ERROR (uucico) pid: 303 (7/18-8:25:09) SYS- TAT OPEN FAIL /usr/spool/uucp/.Status/ (21) [SCCSID: @(#)systat.c 7.2 87/07/08 16:43:37, FILE: systat.c, LINE:100] This error occurred on July 18 at 8:25:09 a.m. [(7/18-8:25:09)] when the uucico daemon, running as process 303 [(uucico) pid: 303], could not open the /usr/spool/uucp/.Status directory [SYSTAT OPEN FAIL /usr/spool/uucp/.Status/]. To prevent this error from occurring again, you should make sure the permissions for the .Status directory are correct. It should be owned by the uucp login ID and group uucp, with permissions of 777 (read, write, and execute for owner, group, and all others). FILES
Contains the errors file and other uucp administrative files Lists the last time a remote system was contacted and the minimum time until the next retry RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: uudemon.cleanu(4) Daemons: uucico(8) delim off errors(4)

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