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UPDATE(8)										UPDATE(8)

       update - periodically update the super block


       Update  is  a  program that executes the sync(2) primitive every 30 seconds.  This insures
       that the file system is fairly up to date in case of a crash.  This command should not  be
       executed directly, but should be executed out of the initialization shell command file.

       sync(2), sync(8), init(8), rc(8)

       With  update running, if the CPU is halted just as the sync is executed, a file system can
       be damaged.  This is partially due to DEC hardware that writes  zeros  when  NPR  requests
       fail.  A fix would be to have sync(8) temporarily increment the system time by at least 30
       seconds to trigger the execution of update.  This would give 30 seconds grace to halt  the

7th Edition				November 17, 1996				UPDATE(8)
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