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sccstorcs(8) [bsd man page]

SCCSTORCS(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      SCCSTORCS(8)

sccstorcs - build RCS file from SCCS file SYNOPSIS
sccstorcs [-t] [-v] s.file ... DESCRIPTION
Sccstorcs builds an RCS file from each SCCS file argument. The deltas and comments for each delta are preserved and installed into the new RCS file in order. Also preserved are the user access list and descriptive text, if any, from the SCCS file. The following flags are meaningful: -t Trace only. Prints detailed information about the SCCS file and lists the commands that would be executed to produce the RCS file. No commands are actually executed and no RCS file is made. -v Verbose. Prints each command that is run while it is building the RCS file. FILES
For each s.somefile, Sccstorcs writes the files somefile and somefile,v which should not already exist. Sccstorcs will abort, rather than overwrite those files if they do exist. SEE ALSO
ci (1), co (1), rcs (1). Walter F. Tichy, "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Revision Control System," in Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Software Engineering, IEEE, Tokyo, Sept. 1982. DIAGNOSTICS
All diagnostics are written to stderr. Non-zero exit status on error. BUGS
Sccstorcs does not preserve all SCCS options specified in the SCCS file. Most notably, it does not preserve removed deltas, MR numbers, and cutoff points. AUTHOR
Ken Greer Copyright (C) 1983 by Kenneth L. Greer 4th Berkeley Distribution 29 June 1983 SCCSTORCS(8)

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RCSMERGE(1L)															      RCSMERGE(1L)

rcsmerge - merge RCS revisions SYNOPSIS
rcsmerge -rrev1 [ -rrev2 ] [ -p ] file DESCRIPTION
Rcsmerge incorporates the changes between rev1 and rev2 of an RCS file into the corresponding working file. If -p is given, the result is printed on the standard output, otherwise the result overwrites the working file. A file name ending in ',v' is an RCS file name, otherwise a working file name. Merge derives the working file name from the RCS file name and vice versa, as explained in co(1L). A pair consisting of both an RCS and a working file name may also be specified. Rev1 may not be omitted. If rev2 is omitted, the latest revision on the default branch (normally the highest branch on the trunk) is assumed. Both rev1 and rev2 may be given numerically or symbolically. Rcsmerge prints a warning if there are overlaps, and delimits the overlapping regions as explained in co -j. The command is useful for incorporating changes into a checked-out revision. EXAMPLES
Suppose you have released revision 2.8 of f.c. Assume furthermore that you just completed revision 3.4, when you receive updates to release 2.8 from someone else. To combine the updates to 2.8 and your changes between 2.8 and 3.4, put the updates to 2.8 into file f.c and exe- cute rcsmerge -p -r2.8 -r3.4 f.c >f.merged.c Then examine f.merged.c. Alternatively, if you want to save the updates to 2.8 in the RCS file, check them in as revision and exe- cute co -j: ci -r2.8.1.1 f.c co -r3.4 -j2.8: f.c As another example, the following command undoes the changes between revision 2.4 and 2.8 in your currently checked out revision in f.c. rcsmerge -r2.8 -r2.4 f.c Note the order of the arguments, and that f.c will be overwritten. IDENTIFICATION
Author: Walter F. Tichy, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, 47907. Revision Number: 1.2 ; Release Date: 87/02/27 . Copyright (C) 1982 by Walter F. Tichy. SEE ALSO
ci(1L), co(1L), merge(1L), ident(1L), rcs(1L), rcsdiff(1L), rlog(1L) Walter F. Tichy, "Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Revision Control System," in Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Software Engineering, IEEE, Tokyo, Sept. 1982. BUGS
Rcsmerge does not work on files that contain lines with a single `.'. Purdue University RCSMERGE(1L)

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