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RXFORMAT(8)									      RXFORMAT(8)

       rxformat - format floppy disks (2.11BSD)

       rxformat special

       The rxformat program formats a diskette in the specified drive associated with the special
       device special.	Special is normally /dev/rrx0?, for drive 0, or /dev/rrx1?, for drive  1,
       where ``?'' is either "a" or "b" to indicate single or double density access.  The ``raw''
       device must be used.  Single density  is  compatible  with  the	IBM  3740  standard  (128
       bytes/sector).  In double density, each sector contains 256 bytes of data.

       Before  formatting a diskette rxformat prompts for verification if standard input is a tty
       (this allows a user to cleanly abort the operation; note that formatting a  diskette  will
       destroy	any  existing  data).  Formatting is done by the hardware.  All sectors are zero-

       `No such device' means that the drive is not ready, usually because  no	disk  is  in  the
       drive or the drive door is open.  Other error messages are selfexplanatory.



       Helge Skrivervik

       A  floppy  may  not be formatted if the header info on sector 1, track 0 has been damaged.
       Hence, it is not possible to format a completely degaussed  disk.   (This  is  actually	a
       problem in the hardware.)

3rd Berkeley Distribution		November 17, 1996			      RXFORMAT(8)
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