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rxformat(8) [bsd man page]

RXFORMAT(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       RXFORMAT(8)

rxformat - format floppy disks (2.11BSD) SYNOPSIS
rxformat special DESCRIPTION
The rxformat program formats a diskette in the specified drive associated with the special device special. Special is normally /dev/rrx0?, for drive 0, or /dev/rrx1?, for drive 1, where ``?'' is either "a" or "b" to indicate single or double density access. The ``raw'' device must be used. Single density is compatible with the IBM 3740 standard (128 bytes/sector). In double density, each sector contains 256 bytes of data. Before formatting a diskette rxformat prompts for verification if standard input is a tty (this allows a user to cleanly abort the opera- tion; note that formatting a diskette will destroy any existing data). Formatting is done by the hardware. All sectors are zero-filled. DIAGNOSTICS
`No such device' means that the drive is not ready, usually because no disk is in the drive or the drive door is open. Other error mes- sages are selfexplanatory. FILES
/dev/rrx?? SEE ALSO
rx(4) AUTHOR
Helge Skrivervik BUGS
A floppy may not be formatted if the header info on sector 1, track 0 has been damaged. Hence, it is not possible to format a completely degaussed disk. (This is actually a problem in the hardware.) 3rd Berkeley Distribution November 17, 1996 RXFORMAT(8)

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FORMAT(1)						      General Commands Manual							 FORMAT(1)

format - format a PC floppy diskette SYNOPSIS
format [-v] device [media-size [drive-size]] DESCRIPTION
Format allows a user with read-write permission to device to format a floppy. Either one of the special floppy devices must be used, see fd(4), or an automatic device may be used with the size of the floppy specified on the command line. Two sizes must be given when format- ting a low density diskette in a high density drive. For example: format /dev/at1 format /dev/fd1 1200 format /dev/fd1 360 1200 The first two commands format a 1.2M diskette, the last formats a 360k diskette in a 1.2M drive. A 1.44M drive knows when it's dealing with a low density floppy, so all these commands format a 720k diskette: format /dev/fd0 720 format /dev/fd0 720 1440 format /dev/ps0 No sizes may be specified when using a special floppy device, a size must be specified when using an automatic device. OPTIONS
-v Verify the process by reading each track after formatting it. Formatting is normally blind, the controller has no idea whether it succeeds or not. Use -v on a new box of cheap diskettes, or on a diskette that may have gone bad. Verifying will increase format- ting time by 50%. SEE ALSO
mkfs(1), fd(4). DIAGNOSTICS
Numbers will be printed on standard output to show that it is busy. The locations of bad sectors are printed on standard error when veri- fying. The exit code is zero unless there are too many bad spots. AUTHOR
Kees J. Bot ( FORMAT(1)

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