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BSD 2.11 - man page for mknod (bsd section 8)

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MKNOD(8)										 MKNOD(8)

       mknod - build special file

       /sbin/mknod name [ c ] [ b ] major minor

       Mknod makes a special file.  The first argument is the name of the entry.  The second is b
       if the special file is block-type (disks, tape)	or  c  if  it  is  character-type  (other
       devices).   The	last  two  arguments are numbers specifying the major device type and the
       minor device (e.g. unit, drive, or line number).

       The assignment of major device numbers is specific to each system.  They have  to  be  dug
       out of the system source file conf.c.

       mknod(2), makedev(8)

4th Berkeley Distribution		November 16, 1996				 MKNOD(8)
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