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KGMON(8)										 KGMON(8)

       kgmon - generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers

       /usr/sbin/kgmon [ -b ] [ -h ] [ -r ] [ -p ] [ system ] [ memory ]

       Kgmon is a tool used when profiling the operating system.  When no arguments are supplied,
       kgmon indicates the state of operating system profiling as running, off,  or  not  config-
       ured.   (see  config(8)) If the -p flag is specified, kgmon extracts profile data from the
       operating system and produces a gmon.out file suitable for later analysis by gprof(1).

       The following options may be specified:

       -b     Resume the collection of profile data.

       -h     Stop the collection of profile data.

       -p     Dump the contents of the profile buffers into a gmon.out file.

       -r     Reset all the profile buffers.  If the -p flag is also specified, the gmon.out file
	      is generated before the buffers are reset.

       If  neither  -b	nor -h is specified, the state of profiling collection remains unchanged.
       For example, if the -p flag is specified and profile data is  being  collected,	profiling
       will  be  momentarily  suspended, the operating system profile buffers will be dumped, and
       profiling will be immediately resumed.

       /vmunix - the default system
       /dev/kmem - the default memory

       gprof(1), config(8)

       Users with only read permission on /dev/kmem cannot change the state of profiling  collec-
       tion.   They can get a gmon.out file with the warning that the data may be inconsistent if
       profiling is in progress.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		November 17, 1996				 KGMON(8)
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