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kgmon(8) [bsd man page]

KGMON(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  KGMON(8)

kgmon - generate a dump of the operating system's profile buffers SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/kgmon [ -b ] [ -h ] [ -r ] [ -p ] [ system ] [ memory ] DESCRIPTION
Kgmon is a tool used when profiling the operating system. When no arguments are supplied, kgmon indicates the state of operating system profiling as running, off, or not configured. (see config(8)) If the -p flag is specified, kgmon extracts profile data from the operating system and produces a gmon.out file suitable for later analysis by gprof(1). The following options may be specified: -b Resume the collection of profile data. -h Stop the collection of profile data. -p Dump the contents of the profile buffers into a gmon.out file. -r Reset all the profile buffers. If the -p flag is also specified, the gmon.out file is generated before the buffers are reset. If neither -b nor -h is specified, the state of profiling collection remains unchanged. For example, if the -p flag is specified and pro- file data is being collected, profiling will be momentarily suspended, the operating system profile buffers will be dumped, and profiling will be immediately resumed. FILES
/vmunix - the default system /dev/kmem - the default memory SEE ALSO
gprof(1), config(8) DIAGNOSTICS
Users with only read permission on /dev/kmem cannot change the state of profiling collection. They can get a gmon.out file with the warn- ing that the data may be inconsistent if profiling is in progress. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution November 17, 1996 KGMON(8)

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MONCONTROL(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					     MONCONTROL(3)

moncontrol, monstartup -- control execution profile SYNOPSIS
moncontrol(int mode); monstartup(u_long *lowpc, u_long *highpc); DESCRIPTION
An executable program compiled using the -pg option to cc(1) automatically includes calls to collect statistics for the gprof(1) call-graph execution profiler. In typical operation, profiling begins at program startup and ends when the program calls exit. When the program exits, the profiling data are written to the file gmon.out, then gprof(1) can be used to examine the results. moncontrol() selectively controls profiling within a program. When the program starts, profiling begins. To stop the collection of his- togram ticks and call counts use moncontrol(0); to resume the collection of histogram ticks and call counts use moncontrol(1). This feature allows the cost of particular operations to be measured. Note that an output file will be produced on program exit regardless of the state of moncontrol(). Programs that are not loaded with -pg may selectively collect profiling statistics by calling monstartup() with the range of addresses to be profiled. lowpc and highpc specify the address range that is to be sampled; the lowest address sampled is that of lowpc and the highest is just below highpc. Only functions in that range that have been compiled with the -pg option to cc(1) will appear in the call graph part of the output; however, all functions in that address range will have their execution time measured. Profiling begins on return from monstartup(). FILES
gmon.out execution data file SEE ALSO
cc(1), gprof(1), profil(2) 4th Berkeley Distribution June 4, 1993 4th Berkeley Distribution

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