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BSD 2.11 - man page for dumpdir (bsd section 8)

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DUMPDIR(8)									       DUMPDIR(8)

       dumpdir, 512dumpdir - print the names of files on a dump tape

       dumpdir [ f filename ]
       512dumpdir [ f filename ]

       Dumpdir is used to read magtapes dumped with the dump command and list the names and inode
       numbers of all the files and directories on the tape.

       The f option causes filename as the name of the tape instead of the default.

       512dumpdir is a version of dumpdir that can read tapes written from  512-byte  block  file

       /dev/rmt1	   default file name
       rst*		   temporary files

       dump(8), restor(8)

       If the dump extends over more than one tape, it may ask you to change tapes.  Reply with a
       newline when the next tape has been mounted.

       There is redundant information on the tape that could be used  in  case	of  tape  reading
       problems.  Unfortunately, dumpdir and 512dumpdir don't use it.

3rd Berkeley Distribution							       DUMPDIR(8)
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