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DOCTOR(6)							   Games Manual 							 DOCTOR(6)

doctor - interact with a psychoanalyst SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/doctor DESCRIPTION
Doctor is a lisp-language version of the legendary ELIZA program of Joseph Weizenbaum. This script "simulates" a Rogerian psychoanalyst. Type in lower case, and when you get tired or bored, type your interrupt character (either control-C or Rubout). Remember to type two car- riage returns when you want it to answer. In order to run this you must have a Franz Lisp system in /usr/ucb/lisp. AUTHORS
Adapted for Lisp by Jon L White, moved to Franz by John Foderaro, from an original script by Joseph Weizenbaum. 4th Berkeley Distribution May 20, 1985 DOCTOR(6)

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LXREF(1)						      General Commands Manual							  LXREF(1)

lxref - lisp cross reference program SYNOPSIS
lxref [ -N ] xref-file ... [ -a source-file ... ] DESCRIPTION
Lxref reads cross reference file(s) written by the lisp compiler liszt and prints a cross reference listing on the standard output. Liszt will create a cross reference file during compilation when it is given the -x switch. Cross reference files usually end in `.x' and conse- quently lxref will append a `.x' to the file names given if necessary. The first option to lxref is a decimal integer, N, which sets the ignorelevel. If a function is called more than ignorelevel times, the cross reference listing will just print the number of calls instead of listing each one of them. The default for ignorelevel is 50. The -a option causes lxref to put limited cross reference information in the sources named. lxref will scan the source and when it comes across a definition of a function (that is a line beginning with `(def' it will preceed that line with a list of the functions which call this function, written as a comment preceeded by `;.. ' . All existing lines beginning with `;.. ' will be removed from the file. If the source file contains a line beginning `;.-' then this will disable this annotation process from this point on until a `;.+' is seen (how- ever, lines beginning with `;.. ' will continue to be deleted). After the annoation is done, the original file `foo.l' is renamed to `'" and the new file with annotation is named `foo.l' AUTHOR
John Foderaro SEE ALSO
lisp(1), liszt(1) BUGS
4th Berkeley Distribution April 29, 1985 LXREF(1)
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