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CHESS(6)							   Games Manual 							  CHESS(6)

chess - the game of chess SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/chess DESCRIPTION
Chess is a computer program that plays class D chess. Moves may be given either in standard (descriptive) notation or in algebraic nota- tion. The symbol `+' is used to specify check; `o-o' and `o-o-o' specify castling. To play black, type `first'; to print the board, type an empty line. Each move is echoed in the appropriate notation followed by the program's reply. FILES
/usr/games/lib/book opening `book' DIAGNOSTICS
The most cryptic diagnostic is `eh?' which means that the input was syntactically incorrect. WARNING
Over-use of this program will cause it to go away. BUGS
Pawns may be promoted only to queens. CHESS(6)

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GLAURUNG(6)															       GLAURUNG(6)

glaurung - free UCI chess engine, to calculate chess moves SYNOPSIS
This manual page documents the glaurung command. glaurung is an UCI chess engine, to calculate chess moves Opening book This version of Glaurung has experimental support for PolyGlot opening books. For information about how to create such books, consult the PolyGlot documentation. Currently, Glaurung requires that the book file is named book.bin and is placed in Glaurungs working directory. More than one CPU Beginning with version 2-epsilon/3, Glaurung has support for up to four CPUs. Because the program currently cannot automatically detect the number of CPUs on your computer, it uses only a single search thread by default. If your computer has two or more CPUs (this includes dual-core CPUs like the Intel Core Duo or the AMD Athlon 64 X2), you should set the "Threads" UCI parameter to the number of CPUs to obtain optimal performance. OPTIONS
This program does NOT follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes. SEE ALSO
Communication with UCI commands is documented by "The UCI Communication Protocol" in /usr/share/doc/glaurung/engine-interface.txt. AUTHOR
glaurung was written by <Romstad Tord <>>. This manual page was written by Oliver Korff <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Juli 9, 2007 GLAURUNG(6)
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