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boggle(6) [bsd man page]

BOGGLE(6)							   Games Manual 							 BOGGLE(6)

boggle - play the game of boggle SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/boggle [ + ] [ ++ ] DESCRIPTION
This program is intended for people wishing to sharpen their skills at Boggle (TM Parker Bros.). If you invoke the program with 4 argu- ments of 4 letters each, (e.g. "boggle appl epie moth erhd") the program forms the obvious Boggle grid and lists all the words from /usr/dict/words found therein. If you invoke the program without arguments, it will generate a board for you, let you enter words for 3 minutes, and then tell you how well you did relative to /usr/dict/words. The object of Boggle is to find, within 3 minutes, as many words as possible in a 4 by 4 grid of letters. Words may be formed from any sequence of 3 or more adjacent letters in the grid. The letters may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. However, no position in the grid may be used more than once within any one word. In competitive play amongst humans, each player is given credit for those of his words which no other player has found. In interactive play, enter your words separated by spaces, tabs, or newlines. A bell will ring when there is 2:00, 1:00, 0:10, 0:02, 0:01, and 0:00 time left. You may complete any word started before the expiration of time. You can surrender before time is up by hitting 'break'. While entering words, your erase character is only effective within the current word and your line kill character is ignored. Advanced players may wish to invoke the program with 1 or 2 +'s as the first argument. The first + removes the restriction that positions can only be used once in each word. The second + causes a position to be considered adjacent to itself as well as its (up to) 8 neighbors. 4th Berkeley Distribution May 20, 1985 BOGGLE(6)

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WORDS(5)						     Linux Programmers Manual							  WORDS(5)

manx - a list of Manx Gaelic words DESCRIPTION
/usr/share/dict/manx is an ASCII file which contains an alphabetic list of words, one per line. FILES
/etc/dictionaries-common/words is a symbolic link to a /usr/share/dict/<language> file. /usr/share/dict/words is a symbolic link to /etc/dictionaries-common/words, and is the name by which other software should refer to the system word list. See select-default- wordlist(8) for more information. The directory /usr/share/dict can contain word lists for many languages, with name of the language in English, e.g., /usr/share/dict/french and /usr/share/dict/danish contain respectively lists of French and Danish words if they exist. Such lists should be coded using the ISO 8859-1 character set encoding. SEE ALSO
ispell(1), select-default-wordlist(8), and the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. HISTORY
The words lists are not specific, and may be generated from any number of sources. The system word list used to be /usr/dict/words. For compatibility, software should check that location if /usr/share/dict/words does not exist. AUTHOR
Word lists are collected and maintained by various authors. Linux 16 July 2002 WORDS(5)
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