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BJ(6)								   Games Manual 							     BJ(6)

bj - the game of black jack SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/bj DESCRIPTION
Bj is a serious attempt at simulating the dealer in the game of black jack (or twenty-one) as might be found in Reno. The following rules apply: The bet is $2 every hand. A player `natural' (black jack) pays $3. A dealer natural loses $2. Both dealer and player naturals is a `push' (no money exchange). If the dealer has an ace up, the player is allowed to make an `insurance' bet against the chance of a dealer natural. If this bet is not taken, play resumes as normal. If the bet is taken, it is a side bet where the player wins $2 if the dealer has a natural and loses $1 if the dealer does not. If the player is dealt two cards of the same value, he is allowed to `double'. He is allowed to play two hands, each with one of these cards. (The bet is doubled also; $2 on each hand.) If a dealt hand has a total of ten or eleven, the player may `double down'. He may double the bet ($2 to $4) and receive exactly one more card on that hand. Under normal play, the player may `hit' (draw a card) as long as his total is not over twenty-one. If the player `busts' (goes over twenty-one), the dealer wins the bet. When the player `stands' (decides not to hit), the dealer hits until he attains a total of seventeen or more. If the dealer busts, the player wins the bet. If both player and dealer stand, the one with the largest total wins. A tie is a push. The machine deals and keeps score. The following questions will be asked at appropriate times. Each question is answered by y followed by a new line for `yes', or just new line for `no'. ? (means, `do you want a hit?') Insurance? Double down? Every time the deck is shuffled, the dealer so states and the `action' (total bet) and `standing' (total won or lost) is printed. To exit, hit the interrupt key (DEL) and the action and standing will be printed. BJ(6)

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FISH(6) 							 BSD Games Manual							   FISH(6)

fish -- play ``Go Fish'' SYNOPSIS
fish is the game ``Go Fish'', a traditional children's card game. The computer deals the player and itself seven cards, and places the rest of the deck face-down (figuratively). The object of the game is to collect ``books'', or all of the members of a single rank. For example, collecting four 2's would give the player a ``book of 2's''. The options are as follows: -p Professional mode. The computer makes a random decision as to who gets to start the game, and then the computer and player take turns asking each other for cards of a specified rank. If the asked player has any cards of the requested rank, they give them up to the asking player. A player must have at least one of the cards of the rank they request in their hand. When a player asks for a rank of which the other player has no cards, the asker is told to ``Go Fish!''. Then, the asker draws a card from the non-dealt cards. If they draw the card they asked for, they con- tinue their turn, asking for more ranks from the other player. Otherwise, the other player gets a turn. When a player completes a book, either by getting cards from the other player or drawing from the deck, they set those cards aside and the rank is no longer in play. The game ends when either player no longer has any cards in their hand. The player with the most books wins. fish provides instructions as to what input it accepts. BUGS
The computer cheats only rarely. BSD
May 31, 1993 BSD
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