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ADVENTURE(6)							   Games Manual 						      ADVENTURE(6)

adventure - an exploration game SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/adventure DESCRIPTION
The object of the game is to locate and explore Colossal Cave, find the treasures hidden there, and bring them back to the building with you. The program is self-descriptive to a point, but part of the game is to discover its rules. To terminate a game, type `quit'; to save a game for later resumption, type `suspend'. BUGS
Saving a game creates a large executable file instead of just the information needed to resume the game. 7th Edition May 6, 1986 ADVENTURE(6)

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DM(8)                                                       BSD System Manager's Manual                                                      DM(8)

dm -- dungeon master SYNOPSIS
ln -s dm game DESCRIPTION
dm is a program used to regulate game playing. dm expects to be invoked with the name of a game that a user wishes to play. This is done by creating symbolic links to dm, in the directory /usr/games for all of the regulated games. The actual binaries for these games should be placed in a ``hidden'' directory, /usr/lib/games/dm, that may only be accessed by the dm program. dm determines if the requested game is available and, if so, runs it. The file /etc/dm.conf controls the conditions under which games may be run. The file /etc/nogames may be used to ``turn off'' game playing. If the file exists, no game playing is allowed; the contents of the file will be displayed to any user requesting a game. FILES
/etc/dm.conf configuration file /etc/nogames turns off game playing /usr/lib/games/dm directory of ``real'' binaries /var/games/games.log game logging file SEE ALSO
dm.conf(5) HISTORY
The dm command appeared in 4.3BSD-Tahoe. SECURITY CONSIDERATIONS
Two issues result from dm running the games setgid ``games''. First, all games that allow users to run UNIX commands should carefully set both the real and effective group ids immediately before executing those commands. Probably more important is that dm never be setgid any- thing but ``games'' so that compromising a game will result only in the user's ability to play games at will. Secondly, games which previ- ously had no reason to run setgid and which accessed user files may have to be modified. BSD May 31, 1993 BSD
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