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adventure(6) [bsd man page]

ADVENTURE(6)							   Games Manual 						      ADVENTURE(6)

adventure - an exploration game SYNOPSIS
/usr/games/adventure DESCRIPTION
The object of the game is to locate and explore Colossal Cave, find the treasures hidden there, and bring them back to the building with you. The program is self-descriptive to a point, but part of the game is to discover its rules. To terminate a game, type `quit'; to save a game for later resumption, type `suspend'. BUGS
Saving a game creates a large executable file instead of just the information needed to resume the game. 7th Edition May 6, 1986 ADVENTURE(6)

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game-data-packager(6)						   Games Manual 					     game-data-packager(6)

game-data-packager - build a .deb of game data SYNOPSIS
game-data-packager [ -i ] [ -d out-directory [ -n ] ] game [ game-options ] DESCRIPTION
Many open-source games require game data which is licensed incompatibly with the Debian Free Software Guidelines. game-data-packager is a tool designed to help you locally assemble Debian packages containing such game data from CD-ROMs, the Internet or elsewhere. OPTIONS
-i attempt to install the generated Debian package via dpkg(1) and su(1) -d out-directory writes the generated Debian package to the specified directory. -n Do not attempt to install the generated Debian package. This option must be used in conjunction with -d. game The game being packaged. Running game-data-packager without arguments will display a list of valid games. Running game-data-packager with just the game and no further arguments will display a list of valid options for that game. SEE ALSO
dpkg(1), su(1) AUTHOR
Copyright (C) 2010 Jon Dowland <> Thanks to Branden Robinson for his 'Write the Fine Manual' presentation, once found at <> 2008-07-14 game-data-packager(6)

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