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MODERATORS(5)                                                   File Formats Manual                                                  MODERATORS(5)

moderators - mail addresses for moderated Usenet newsgroups DESCRIPTION
The GetModeratorAddress(3) routine reads the file /etc/news/moderators to determine how to reach the moderator of a newsgroup. This is used by inews(1) when an unapproved local posting is made to a moderated newsgroup. The file is read until a match is found. Blank lines and lines starting with a number sign (``#'') are ignored. All other lines should consist of two fields separated by a colon. The first field is a wildmat(3)-style pattern. If it matches the name of the newsgroup, then the second field is taken to be a format string for sprintf(3). This string should have at most one %s parameter, which will be given the name of the newsgroup with periods transliterated to dashes. Here is a sample file: foo.* gnu.* * Using the above file, postings to the moderated newsgroup in the left column will be sent to the address shown in the right column: foo.important foo.x.announce gnu.emacs.sources comp.sources.unix HISTORY
Written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews. This is revision 1.15, dated 1996/09/06. SEE ALSO
inews(1), inn.conf(5), libinn(3), wildmat(3). MODERATORS(5)

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FILECHAN(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       FILECHAN(8)

filechan - file-writing backend for InterNetNews SYNOPSIS
filechan [ -d directory ] [ -f fields ] [ -m mapfile ] [ -p pidfile ] DESCRIPTION
Filechan reads lines from standard input and copies certain fields in each line into files named by other fields within the line. Filechan is intended to be called by innd(8) as a channel feed. (It is not a full exploder and does not accept commands; see newsfeeds(5) for a description of the difference and buffchan(8) for an exploder program.) Filechan input is interpreted as a set of lines. Each line contains a fixed number of initial fields, followed by a variable number of filename fields. All fields in a line are separated by whitespace. The default number of initial fields is one. For each line of input, filechan writes the initial fields, separated by whitespace and followed by a newline, to each of the files named in the filename fields. When writing to a file, filechan opens it in append mode and tries to lock it and change the ownership to the user and group who owns the directory where the file is being written. OPTIONS
-f The ``-f'' flag may be used to specify a different number of initial fields. -d By default, filechan writes its output into the directory <pathoutgoing in inn.conf>. The ``-d'' flag may be used to specify a directory the program should change to before starting. -p If the ``-p'' flag is used, the program will write a line containing its process ID (in text) to the specified file. If filechan is invoked with ``-f 2'' and given the following input: news/software/b/132 <> foo uunet news/software/b/133 <> uunet munnari comp/sources/unix/2002 <> foo uunet munnari Then the file foo will have these lines: news/software/b/132 <> comp/sources/unix/2002 <> the file munnari will have these lines: news/software/b/133 <> comp/sources/unix/2002 <> and the file uunet will have these lines: news/software/b/132 <> news/software/b/133 <> comp/sources/unix/2002 <> Because the time window in which a file is open is very small, complicated flushing and locking protocols are not needed; a mv(1) followed by a sleep(1) for a couple of seconds is sufficient. -m A map file may be specified by using the ``-m'' flag. Blank lines and lines starting with a number sign (``#'') are ignored. All other lines should have two host names separated by a colon. The first field is the name that may appear in the input stream; the second field names the file to be used when the name in the first field appears. For example, the following map file may be used to map the short names above to the full domain names: # This is a comment HISTORY
Written by Robert Elz <>, flags added by Rich $alz <>. This is revision 1.6, dated 1998/04/09. SEE ALSO
buffchan(8), inn.conf(5), innd(8), newsfeeds(5). FILECHAN(8)
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