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L-DIALCODES(5)									   L-DIALCODES(5)

       L-dialcodes - UUCP phone number index file

       The  L-dialcodes  file  defines	the  mapping  of  strings  from the phone number field of
       L.sys(5) to actual phone numbers.

       Each line in L-dialcodes has the form:

	    alpha_string  phone_number

       The two items can be separated by any number of blanks or tabs. Lines beginning with a `#'
       character are comments.

       A  phone  number in L.sys can be preceded by an arbitrary alphabetic character string; the
       string is matched against the list of alpha_strings in L-dialcodes.  If a match is  found,
       phone_number is substituted for it. If no match is found, the string is discarded.

       L-dialcodes is commonly used either of two ways:

       (1) The	alphabetic  strings  are  used as prefixes to denote area codes, zones, and other
	   commonly used sequences. For example, if L-dialcodes included the following lines:

	    chi  1312
	    mv	 1415

       In L.sys you could enter:

	    chivax Any ACU 1200 chi5551234  ogin:--ogin: nuucp
	    mvpyr  Any ACU 1200 mv5556001   ogin:--ogin: Uuucp

       instead of

	    chivax Any ACU 1200 13125551234  ogin:--ogin: nuucp
	    mvpyr  Any ACU 1200 14155556001  ogin:--ogin: Uuucp

       (2) All phone numbers are placed in L-dialcodes, one for each  remote  site.   L.sys  then
	   refers to these by name. For example, if L-dialcodes contains the following lines:

	    chivax    13125551234
	    mvpyr     14155556601

       then L.sys could have:

	    chivax Any ACU 1200 chivax	ogin:--ogin: nuucp
	    mvpyr  Any ACU 1200 mvpyr	ogin:--ogin: Uuucp

       This  scheme  allows  a site administrator to give users read access to the table of phone
       numbers, while still protecting the login/password sequences in L.sys.

       /etc/uucp/UUAIDS/L-dialcodes   L-dialcodes example

       uucp(1), uux(1), L.sys(5), uucico(8).

4.3 Berkeley Distribution		 October 22, 1996			   L-DIALCODES(5)
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