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DTAB(5) 							File Formats Manual							   DTAB(5)

dtab - automatic system configuration device table (2BSD) DESCRIPTION
The dtab file contains a list of the devices that the autoconfig(8) program will attempt to attach to the system. Each line describes one device which may be present on the system; additional devices of the same type require additional lines. The line contains at least six fields separated by white space. Blank lines and comments can appear anywhere in the file except between fields; comments are delimited by `#' and new line. The fields are (in order): dev The device name, usually two characters unit Either a unit number or a `?' indicating automatic selection of unit numbers. addr The address of the device's first register, as a 16-bit octal number. vector The interrupt vector, in octal. BR The priority at which the device interrupts. handler(s) One or more routine names with which the interrupt vector is filled. EXAMPLE
# Device Configuration Table # Clock and console are pre-configured and should not be listed here # # Dev# Addr Vector Br Handler(s) # Comment lp ? 177514 200 4 lpio # lp-11 line printer ht 0 172440 224 5 htintr # tu 16 massbus tape xp ? 176700 254 5 xpio # xp driver dm ? 170500 310 4 dmin # dm11 dh modem control dh ? 160020 320 5 dhin dhou # dh11 terminal mux dz ? 160110 330 5 dzin dzdma # dz11 terminal mux FILES
/etc/dtab device table SEE ALSO
autoconfig(8) BUGS
/Etc/dtab is unique to the PDP-11 and 2BSD. 3rd Berkeley Distribution January 22, 1987 DTAB(5)

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HT(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							     HT(4)

ht - TM-03/TE-16,TU-45,TU-77 MASSBUS magtape interface SYNOPSIS
/sys/conf/SYSTEM: NHT ht_drives # TE16, TU45, TU77 /etc/dtab: #Name Unit# Addr Vector Br Handler(s) # Comments ht ? 172440 224 5 htintr # tu 16 massbus tape major device number(s): raw: 6 block: 0 minor device encoding: bits 0003 specify HT drive bit 0004 specifies no-rewind operation bit 0010 specifies 1600BPI recording density instead of 800BPI DESCRIPTION
The tm-03/transport combination provides a standard tape drive interface as described in mtio(4). All drives provide both 800 and 1600 bpi; the TE-16 runs at 45 ips, the TU-45 at 75 ips, while the TU-77 runs at 125 ips and autoloads tapes. FILES
/dev/MAKEDEV script to create special files /dev/MAKEDEV.local script to localize special files SEE ALSO
mt(1), tar(1), tp(1), mtio(4), tm(4), ts(4), dtab(5), autoconfig(8) DIAGNOSTICS
tu%d: no write ring. An attempt was made to write on the tape drive when no write ring was present; this message is written on the termi- nal of the user who tried to access the tape. tu%d: not online. An attempt was made to access the tape while it was offline; this message is written on the terminal of the user who tried to access the tape. tu%d: can't change density in mid-tape. An attempt was made to write on a tape at a different density than is already recorded on the tape. This message is written on the terminal of the user who tried to switch the density. tu%d: hard error bn%d er=%b ds=%b. A tape error occurred at block bn; the ht error register and drive status register are printed in octal with the bits symbolically decoded. Any error is fatal on non-raw tape; when possible the driver will have retried the operation which failed several times before reporting the error. BUGS
If any non-data error is encountered on non-raw tape, it refuses to do anything more until closed. The system should remember which controlling terminal has the tape drive open and write error messages to that terminal rather than on the console. 3rd Berkeley Distribution January 28, 1988 HT(4)
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