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VV(4)											    VV(4)

       vv - Proteon proNET 10 Megabit ring

	    NVV  vv_controllers # V2LNI (Pronet)

       The vv interface provides access to a 10 Mb/s Proteon proNET ring network.

       The network address of the interface must be specified with an an SIOCSIFADDR ioctl before
       data can be transmitted or received.  It is only permissible to change the network address
       while the interface is marked "down".

       The  host's  hardware  address  is discovered by putting the interface in digital loopback
       mode (not joining the ring) and sending a broadcast packet from which the hardware address
       is extracted.

       Transmit  timeouts  are detected through use of a watchdog routine.  Lost input interrupts
       are checked for when packets are sent out.

       If the installation is running CTL boards which use the old broadcast address of 0 instead
       of the new address of 0xff, the define OLD_BROADCAST should be specified in the driver.

       The driver can use ``trailer'' encapsulation to minimize copying data on input and output.
       This may be disabled, on a per-interface basis, by setting the IFF_NOTRAILERS flag with an
       SIOCSIFFLAGS ioctl.

       vv%d:  host  %d.  The software announces the host address discovered during autoconfigura-

       vv%d: can't initialize. The software was unable to discover the address of this interface,
       so it deemed "dead" will not be enabled.

       vv%d: error vvocsr=%b.  The hardware indicated an error on the previous transmission.

       vv%d: output timeout.  The token timer has fired and the token will be recreated.

       vv%d: error vvicsr=%b.  The hardware indicated an error in reading a packet off the ring.

       en%d:  can't  handle af%d.  The interface was handed a message with addresses formatted in
       an unsuitable address family; the packet was dropped.

       vv%d: vs_olen=%d.  The ring output routine has been handed a message with  a  preposterous
       length.	This results in an immediate panic: vs_olen.

       intro(4N), inet(4F)

       The  encapsulation  of  trailer packets in the 4.2BSD version of this driver was incorrect
       (the packet type was in VAX byte order).  As a result, the trailer encapsulation  in  this
       version is not compatible with the 4.2BSD VAX version.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 August 20, 1987				    VV(4)
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