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BSD 2.11 - man page for sri (bsd section 4)

SRI(4)					       Kernel Interfaces Manual 				       SRI(4)

sri - DR11-C IMP interface
/sys/conf/SYSTEM: NSRI sri_controllers # SRI DR11c ARPAnet IMP
sri%d: not alive. The initialization routine was entered even though the device did not autoconfigure. This indicates a system problem. sri%d: can't initialize. Insufficient UNIBUS resources existed to initialize the device. This is likely to occur when the device is run on a buffered data path on an 11/750 and other network interfaces are also con- figured to use buffered data paths, or when it is configured to use buffered data paths on an 11/730 (which has none). sri%d: imp doesn't respond, ibf=%b. The driver attempted to initialize the device, but the IMP failed to respond after 5 tries. Check the cabling. sri%d: stray xmit interrupt, csr=%b. An interrupt occurred when no output had previously been started. sri%d: output error, csr=%b. The device indicated a problem sending data on output. sri%d: input error, ibf=%b. The device indicated a problem receiving data on input. sri%d: bad length=%d. An input operation resulted in a data transfer of less than 10 or more than 1008 bytes of data into memory (according to the word count register). This should never happen as the maximum size of a host-IMP message is 1018 bytes. 3rd Berkeley Distribution August 20, 1987 SRI(4)

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