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qe(4) [bsd man page]

QE(4)							     Kernel Interfaces Manual							     QE(4)

qe - DEC DEQNA Q-bus 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface SYNOPSIS
/sys/conf/SYSTEM: NQE qe_controllers # DEQNA DESCRIPTION
The qe interface provides access to a 10 Mb/s Ethernet network through the DEC DEQNA Q-bus controller. Each of the host's network addresses is specified at boot time with an SIOCSIFADDR ioctl. The qe interface employs the address resolution protocol described in arp(4P) to map dynamically between Internet and Ethernet addresses on the local network. The interface normally tries to use a ``trailer'' encapsulation to minimize copying data on input and output. The use of trailers is nego- tiated with ARP. This negotiation may be disabled, on a per-interface basis, by setting the IFF_NOTRAILERS flag with an SIOCSIFFLAGS ioctl. DIAGNOSTICS
inet(4F), intro(4N), arp(4P) 3rd Berkeley Distribution August 20, 1987 QE(4)

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