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IL(4)											    IL(4)

       il - Interlan NI1010 10 Mb/s Ethernet interface

	    NIL  il_controllers # Interlan Ethernet

       The il interface provides access to a 10 Mb/s Ethernet network through an Interlan 1010 or
       1010A controller.

       Each of the host's network addresses is specified at boot time with an SIOCSIFADDR  ioctl.
       The  il	interface employs the address resolution protocol described in arp(4P) to dynami-
       cally map between Internet and Ethernet addresses on the local network.

       The interface normally tries to use a ``trailer'' encapsulation to minimize  copying  data
       on input and output.  The use of trailers is negotiated with ARP.  This negotiation may be
       disabled, on a per-interface basis, by setting the IFF_NOTRAILERS flag  with  an  SIOCSIF-
       FLAGS ioctl.

       il%d:  input  error.  The hardware indicated an error in reading a packet off the cable or
       an illegally sized packet.

       il%d: can't handle af%d.  The interface was handed a message with addresses  formatted  in
       an unsuitable address family; the packet was dropped.

       il%d:  setaddr  didn't  work.  The interface was unable to reprogram its physical ethernet
       address.  This may happen with very early models of the interface.  This facility is  used
       only  when the controller is not the first network interface configured for XNS.  The old-
       est interface tested ( has never failed in this way.

       The following messages indicate a probable hardware error performing the indicated  opera-
       tion during autoconfiguration or initialization.  The status field in the control and sta-
       tus register (the low-order four bits) should indicate the nature of the failure.  See the
       hardware manual for details.

       il%d: reset failed, csr=%b.

       il%d: status failed, csr=%b.

       il%d: hardware diag failed, csr=%b.

       il%d: verifying setaddr, csr=%b.

       il%d: stray xmit interrupt, csr=%b.

       il%d: can't initialize.

       intro(4N), inet(4F), arp(4P)

3rd Berkeley Distribution		 August 20, 1987				    IL(4)
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