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FontCmd(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 					       FontCmd(3U)

FontCmd - command for setting components' font attribute SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Commands/font.h> DESCRIPTION
FontCmd is a purely interpretive command for setting the font attribute of selected components. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
FontCmd(ControlInfo*, PSFont* = nil) FontCmd(Editor* = nil, PSFont* = nil) Create a FontCmd, optionally specifying the PSFont that components should adopt. virtual void Execute() FontCmd extends Execute to set the value of the affected editor's FontVar instance, if it defines one. PSFont* GetFont() Return the PSFont supplied in the constructor. SEE ALSO
Command(3U), pspaint(3U), statevars(3U) Unidraw 23 January 1991 FontCmd(3U)

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TextComp(3U)						    InterViews Reference Manual 					      TextComp(3U)

TextComp, TextView, TextGraphic, PSText - multiline text component subject, view, structured graphic, and PostScript external representa- tion SYNOPSIS
#include <Unidraw/Components/text.h> DESCRIPTION
TextComp is a GraphicComp that defines a piece of multiline text. It uses a TextGraphic (a subclass of Label) to store its graphical attributes. TextView is a GraphicView for displaying the text. PSText is a PostScriptView that externalizes the subject's information in PostScript form. TEXTCOMP PUBLIC OPERATIONS
TextComp(TextGraphic* = nil) The constructor takes an optional TextGraphic that defines the attributes of the text. virtual void Interpret(Command*) virtual void Uninterpret(Command*) TextComp redefines (Un)interpret to ignore BrushCmd and PatternCmd and to (un)interpret FontCmd. TextGraphic* GetText() Return the TextGraphic that defines the text component's attributes. GetText is simply a more specific form of the GetGraphic oper- ation. TEXTVIEW PUBLIC OPERATIONS
TextView(TextComp* = nil) Create an TextView, optionally supplying the subject. virtual void Interpret(Command*) TextView interprets AlignToGridCmd to align its lower-left to the grid. virtual Manipulator* CreateManipulator( Viewer*, Event&, Transformer*, Tool* ) virtual void InterpretManipulator(Manipulator*) TextView redefines its response to manipulation with a GraphicCompTool. GraphicCompTool will let the user position and type out the component's text using TextManip. Positioning of the text will be influenced by gravity, if any. TextView also defines a response to the ReshapeTool to let the user edit the text. The subject is actually replaced (via ReplaceCmd) with a new TextComp subject posi- tioned at the original TextComp's location but reflecting the edited text. TextComp* GetTextComp() Return the subject. TEXTVIEW PROTECTED OPERATIONS
virtual boolean TextChanged() Return whether the text in the subject is any different from that in the view. TEXTGRAPHIC PUBLIC OPERATIONS
TextGraphic(const char*, int h, Graphic* = nil) TextGraphic(const char*, Graphic*) Create a TextGraphic, specifying its text, optional inter-line spacing, and optional graphic from which to obtain default graphics attributes. TextGraphic stores a copy of the given string (behavior it inherits from Label). If inter-line spacing is not speci- fied, then lines will be separated to reflect the font height reported by PSFont. void SetLineHeight(int) int GetLineHeight() Explicitly set and get the inter-line spacing. virtual boolean operator == (TextGraphic&) virtual boolean operator != (TextGraphic&) Report whether the given graphic contains or does not contain an identical copy of the text in this PSTEXT PUBLIC OPERATIONS
PSText(TextComp* = nil) Construct a PostScript external representation of the given subject, if any. PSTEXT PROTECTED OPERATIONS
const char* Filter(const char* string, int length) Filter excapes embedded control or other special characters that would cause syntax errors in the PostScript output. SEE ALSO
FontCmd(3U), GraphicComp(3U), GraphicCompTool(3U), GraphicView(3U), Grid(3U), Label(3U), PostScriptView(3U), ReshapeTool(3U), align(3U), edit(3U), manips(3U), pspaint(3U) Unidraw 23 January 1991 TextComp(3U)
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