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scf_instance_create(3scf) [bsd man page]

scf_instance_create(3SCF)			 Service Configuration Facility Library Functions			 scf_instance_create(3SCF)

scf_instance_create, scf_instance_handle, scf_instance_destroy, scf_instance_get_parent, scf_instance_get_name, scf_service_get_instance, scf_service_add_instance, scf_instance_delete - create and manipulate instance handles and instances in the Service Configuration Facility SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag... ] file... -lscf [ library... ] #include <libscf.h> scf_instance_create(scf_handle_t *handle); scf_instance_handle(scf_instance_t *inst); scf_instance_destroy(scf_instance_t *inst); scf_instance_get_parent(const scf_instance_t *inst, scf_service_t *svc); scf_instance_get_name(const scf_instance_t *inst, size_t size); scf_service_get_instance(const scf_service_t *svc, const char *name, scf_instance_t *inst); scf_service_add_instance(const scf_service_t *svc, const char *name, scf_instance_t *inst); scf_instance_delete(scf_instance_t *inst); DESCRIPTION
Instances form the bottom layer of the Service Configuration Facility repository tree. An instance is the child of a service and has two sets of children: Property Groups These hold configuration information specific to this instance. See scf_pg_create(3SCF), scf_iter_instance_pgs(3SCF), and scf_iter_instance_pgs_typed(3SCF). Snapshots These are complete configuration snapshots that hold unchanging copies of all of the property groups necessary to run the instance. See scf_snapshot_create(3SCF) and scf_iter_instance_snapshots(3SCF). See smf(5) for information about instances. An scf_instance_t is an opaque handle that can be set to a single instance at any given time. The scf_instance_create() function allocates and initializes a new scf_instance_t bound to handle. The scf_instance_destroy() function destroys and frees inst. The scf_instance_handle() function retrieves the handle to which inst is bound. The scf_inst_get_parent() function sets svc to the service that is the parent of inst. The scf_instance_get_name() function retrieves the name of the instance to which inst is set. The scf_service_get_instance() function sets inst to the child instance of the service svc specified by name. The scf_service_add() function sets inst to a new child instance of the service svc specified by name. The scf_instance_delete() function deletes the instance to which inst is set, as well all of the children of the instance. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, scf_instance_create() returns a new scf_instance_t. Otherwise it returns NULL. Upon successful completion, scf_instance_handle() returns the handle to which inst is bound. Otherwise, it returns NULL. Upon successful completion, scf_instance_get_name() returns the length of the string written, not including the terminating null character. Otherwise it returns -1. Upon successful completion, scf_instance_get_parent(), scf_service_get_instance(), scf_service_add_instance(), and scf_instance_delete() functions return 0. Otherwise, they return -1. ERRORS
The scf_instance_create() function will fail if: SCF_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT The handle argument is NULL. SCF_ERROR_NO_MEMORY There is not enough memory to allocate an scf_instance_t. SCF_ERROR_NO_RESOURCES The server does not have adequate resources for a new instance handle. The scf_instance_handle() function will fail if: SCF_ERROR_HANDLE_DESTROYED The handle associated with inst has been destroyed. The scf_instance_get_name(), scf_instance_get_parent(), and scf_instance_delete() functions will fail if: SCF_ERROR_DELETED The instance has been deleted. SCF_ERROR_NOT_SET The instance is not set. SCF_ERROR_NOT_BOUND The repository handle is not bound. SCF_ERROR_CONNECTION_BROKEN The connection to the repository was lost. The scf_service_add_instance() function will fail if: SCF_ERROR_EXISTS An instance named name already exists. SCF_ERROR_NO_RESOURCES The server does not have the resources to complete the request. The scf_service_add_instance() and scf_service_get_instance() functions will fail if: SCF_ERROR_NOT_SET The service is not set. SCF_ERROR_DELETED The service has been deleted. SCF_ERROR_NOT_FOUND No instance specified by name was found. SCF_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENT The name argument is not a valid instance name. SCF_ERROR_HANDLE_MISMATCH The service and instance are not derived from the same handle. SCF_ERROR_CONNECTION_BROKEN The connection to the repository was lost. The scf_instance_get_parent() function will fail if: SCF_ERROR_HANDLE_MISMATCH The service and instance arguments are not derived from the same handle. The scf_service_add_instance() and scf_instance_delete() functions will fail if: SCF_ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED The user does not have sufficient privileges to create or delete an instance. SCF_ERROR_BACKEND_READONLY The repository backend is read-only. SCF_ERROR_BACKEND_ACCESS The repository backend refused the modification. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Evolving | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
libscf(3LIB), scf_error(3SCF), scf_iter_instance_pgs(3SCF), scf_iter_instance_pgs_typed(3SCF), scf_iter_instance_snapshots(3SCF), scf_pg_create(3SCF), scf_snapshot_create(3SCF), attributes(5), smf(5) NOTES
Instance names are of the form: [domain,]identifier where domain is either a stock ticker symbol such as SUNW or a Java-style reversed domain name such as com.sun. Identifiers begin with a letter or underscore and contain only letters, digits, underscores, and dashes. SunOS 5.10 20 Dec 2004 scf_instance_create(3SCF)

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