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loc(3f) [bsd man page]

LOC(3F) 																   LOC(3F)

loc - return the address of an object SYNOPSIS
function loc (arg) DESCRIPTION
The returned value will be the address of arg. FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 LOC(3F)

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ISALNUM_L(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					      ISALNUM_L(3)

isalnum_l, isalpha_l, isblank_l, iscntrl_l, isdigit_l, isgraph_l, ishexnumber_l, isideogram_l, islower_l, isnumber_l, isphonogram_l, isprint_l, ispunct_l, isrune_l, isspace_l, isspecial_l, isupper_l, isxdigit_l -- character classification utilities LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <wctype.h> #include <xlocale.h> int isalnum_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isalpha_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isblank_l(int c, locale_t loc); int iscntrl_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isdigit_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isgraph_l(int c, locale_t loc); int ishexnumber_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isideogram_l(int c, locale_t loc); int islower_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isnumber_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isphonogram_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isprint_l(int c, locale_t loc); int ispunct_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isrune_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isspace_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isspecial_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isupper_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isxdigit_l(int c, locale_t loc); DESCRIPTION
These functions are extended locale versions of the corresponding functions, with the _l removed. Also, see xlocale(3) for more information about extended locales. SEE ALSO
isalnum(3), isalpha(3), isblank(3), iscntrl(3), isdigit(3), isgraph(3), ishexnumber(3), isideogram(3), islower(3), isnumber(3), isphonogram(3), isprint(3), ispunct(3), isrune(3), isspace(3), isspecial(3), isupper(3), isxdigit(3), xlocale(3) BSD
March 11, 2005 BSD
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