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inmax(3f) [bsd man page]

FLMIN(3F)																 FLMIN(3F)

flmin, flmax, ffrac, dflmin, dflmax, dffrac, inmax - return extreme values SYNOPSIS
function flmin() function flmax() function ffrac() double precision function dflmin() double precision function dflmax() double precision function dffrac() function inmax() DESCRIPTION
Functions flmin and flmax return the minimum and maximum positive floating point values respectively. Functions dflmin and dflmax return the minimum and maximum positive double precision floating point values. Function inmax returns the maximum positive integer value. The functions ffrac and dffrac return the fractional accuracy of single and double precision floating point numbers respectively. This is the difference between 1.0 and the smallest real number greater than 1.0. These functions can be used by programs that must scale algorithms to the numerical range of the processor. FILES
/usr/lib/libF77.a 4.2 Berkeley Distribution June 7, 1985 FLMIN(3F)

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values.h(3HEAD) 						      Headers							   values.h(3HEAD)

values.h, values - machine-dependent values SYNOPSIS
#include <values.h> DESCRIPTION
This file contains a set of manifest constants, conditionally defined for particular processor architectures. The model assumed for integers is binary representation (one's or two's complement), where the sign is represented by the value of the high-order bit. BITS(type) The number of bits in a specified type (for example, int). HIBITS The value of a short integer with only the high-order bit set. HIBITL The value of a long integer with only the high-order bit set. HIBITI The value of a regular integer with only the high-order bit set. MAXSHORT The maximum value of a signed short integer. MAXLONG The maximum value of a signed long integer. MAXINT The maximum value of a signed regular integer. MAXFLOAT, LN_MAXFLOAT The maximum value of a single-precision floating-point number, and its natural logarithm. MAXDOUBLE, LN_MAXDOUBLE The maximum value of a double-precision floating-point number, and its natural logarithm. MINFLOAT, LN_MINFLOAT The minimum positive value of a single-precision floating-point number, and its natural logarithm. MINDOUBLE, LN_MINDOUBLE The minimum positive value of a double-precision floating-point number, and its natural logarithm. FSIGNIF The number of significant bits in the mantissa of a single-precision floating-point number. DSIGNIF The number of significant bits in the mantissa of a double-precision floating-point number. SEE ALSO
intro(3) math.h(3HEAD) SunOS 5.10 2 Mar 1993 values.h(3HEAD)

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