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INDEX(3F)																 INDEX(3F)

index, rindex, lnblnk, len - tell about character objects SYNOPSIS
(intrinsic) function index (string, substr) character*(*) string, substr integer function rindex (string, substr) character*(*) string, substr function lnblnk (string) character*(*) string (intrinsic) function len (string) character*(*) string DESCRIPTION
Index (rindex) returns the index of the first (last) occurrence of the substring substr in string, or zero if it does not occur. Index is an f77 intrinsic function; rindex is a library routine. Lnblnk returns the index of the last non-blank character in string. This is useful since all f77 character objects are fixed length, blank padded. Intrinsic function len returns the size of the character object argument. FILES
/usr/lib/libF77.a 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 INDEX(3F)
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