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getarg(3f) [bsd man page]

GETARG(3F)																GETARG(3F)

getarg, iargc - return command line arguments SYNOPSIS
subroutine getarg (k, arg) character*(*) arg function iargc () DESCRIPTION
A call to getarg will return the kth command line argument in character string arg. The 0th argument is the command name. Iargc returns the index of the last command line argument. FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a SEE ALSO
getenv(3F), execve(2) 4th Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 GETARG(3F)

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Ns_Sock(3aolserver)					   AOLserver Library Procedures 				       Ns_Sock(3aolserver)


Ns_BindSock, Ns_GetSockAddr, Ns_SockAccept, Ns_SockAsyncConnect, Ns_SockAsyncConnect2, Ns_SockBind, Ns_SockCloseLater, Ns_SockConnect, Ns_SockConnect2, Ns_SockListen, Ns_SockListenEx, Ns_SockPipe, Ns_SockSetBlocking, Ns_SockSetNonBlocking, Ns_SockStrError, Ns_SockTimedCon- nect, Ns_SockTimedConnect2, ns_pipe, ns_sockpair - library procedures SYNOPSIS
#include "ns.h" Ns_BindSock(arg, arg) Ns_GetSockAddr(arg, arg) Ns_SockAccept(arg, arg) Ns_SockAsyncConnect(arg, arg) Ns_SockAsyncConnect2(arg, arg) Ns_SockBind(arg, arg) Ns_SockCloseLater(arg, arg) Ns_SockConnect(arg, arg) Ns_SockConnect2(arg, arg) Ns_SockListen(arg, arg) Ns_SockListenEx(arg, arg) Ns_SockPipe(arg, arg) Ns_SockSetBlocking(arg, arg) Ns_SockSetNonBlocking(arg, arg) Ns_SockStrError(arg, arg) Ns_SockTimedConnect(arg, arg) Ns_SockTimedConnect2(arg, arg) ns_pipe(arg, arg) ns_sockpair(arg, arg) _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
These functions ... SEE ALSO
nsd(1), info(n) KEYWORDS
AOLserver 4.0 Ns_Sock(3aolserver)

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