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fputc(3f) [bsd man page]

PUTC(3F)																  PUTC(3F)

putc, fputc - write a character to a fortran logical unit SYNOPSIS
integer function putc (char) character char integer function fputc (lunit, char) character char DESCRIPTION
These funtions write a character to the file associated with a fortran logical unit bypassing normal fortran I/O. Putc writes to logical unit 6, normally connected to the control terminal output. The value of each function will be zero unless some error occurred; a system error code otherwise. See perror(3F). FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a SEE ALSO
putc(3S), intro(2), perror(3F) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 PUTC(3F)

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PUTC(3S)																  PUTC(3S)

putc, putchar, fputc, putw - put character or word on a stream SYNOPSIS
#include <stdio.h> int putc(c, stream) char c; FILE *stream; int putchar(c) int fputc(c, stream) FILE *stream; int putw(w, stream) FILE *stream; DESCRIPTION
Putc appends the character c to the named output stream. It returns the character written. Putchar(c) is defined as putc(c, stdout). Fputc behaves like putc, but is a genuine function rather than a macro. Putw appends word (that is, int) w to the output stream. It returns the word written. Putw neither assumes nor causes special alignment in the file. SEE ALSO
fopen(3S), fclose(3S), getc(3S), puts(3S), printf(3S), fread(3S) DIAGNOSTICS
These functions return the constant EOF upon error. Since this is a good integer, ferror(3S) should be used to detect putw errors. BUGS
Because it is implemented as a macro, putc treats a stream argument with side effects improperly. In particular putc(c, *f++); doesn't work sensibly. Errors can occur long after the call to putc. 7th Edition November 6, 1985 PUTC(3S)
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