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fgetc(3f) [bsd man page]

GETC(3F)																  GETC(3F)

getc, fgetc - get a character from a logical unit SYNOPSIS
integer function getc (char) character char integer function fgetc (lunit, char) character char DESCRIPTION
These routines return the next character from a file associated with a fortran logical unit, bypassing normal fortran I/O. Getc reads from logical unit 5, normally connected to the control terminal input. The value of each function is a system status code. Zero indicates no error occurred on the read; -1 indicates end of file was detected. A positive value will be either a UNIX system error code or an f77 I/O error code. See perror(3F). FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a SEE ALSO
getc(3S), intro(2), perror(3F) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 27, 1986 GETC(3F)

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STAT(3F)																  STAT(3F)

stat, lstat, fstat - get file status SYNOPSIS
integer function stat (name, statb) character*(*) name integer statb(12) integer function lstat (name, statb) character*(*) name integer statb(12) integer function fstat (lunit, statb) integer statb(12) DESCRIPTION
These routines return detailed information about a file. Stat and lstat return information about file name; fstat returns information about the file associated with fortran logical unit lunit. The order and meaning of the information returned in array statb is as described for the structure stat under stat(2). The ``spare'' values are not included. The value of either function will be zero if successful; an error code otherwise. FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a SEE ALSO
stat(2), access(3F), perror(3F), time(3F) BUGS
Pathnames can be no longer than MAXPATHLEN as defined in <sys/param.h>. 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 STAT(3F)
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