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fdate(3f) [bsd man page]

FDATE(3F)																 FDATE(3F)

fdate - return date and time in an ASCII string SYNOPSIS
subroutine fdate (string) character*(*) string character*(*) function fdate() DESCRIPTION
Fdate returns the current date and time as a 24 character string in the format described under ctime(3). Neither `newline' nor NULL will be included. Fdate can be called either as a function or as a subroutine. If called as a function, the calling routine must define its type and length. For example: character*24 fdate external fdate write(*,*) fdate() FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a SEE ALSO
ctime(3), time(3F), itime(3F), idate(3F), ltime(3F) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 27, 1986 FDATE(3F)

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TIME(3F)																  TIME(3F)

time, ctime, ltime, gmtime - return system time SYNOPSIS
integer function time() character*(*) function ctime (stime) integer stime subroutine ltime (stime, tarray) integer stime, tarray(9) subroutine gmtime (stime, tarray) integer stime, tarray(9) DESCRIPTION
Time returns the time since 00:00:00 GMT, Jan. 1, 1970, measured in seconds. This is the value of the UNIX system clock. Ctime converts a system time to a 24 character ASCII string. The format is described under ctime(3). No 'newline' or NULL will be included. Ltime and gmtime disect a UNIX time into month, day, etc., either for the local time zone or as GMT. The order and meaning of each element returned in tarray is described under ctime(3). FILES
/usr/lib/libU77.a SEE ALSO
ctime(3), itime(3F), idate(3F), fdate(3F) 4.2 Berkeley Distribution May 15, 1985 TIME(3F)
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