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strstr(3) [bsd man page]

STRSTR(3)						     Library Functions Manual							 STRSTR(3)

strstr - locate a substring in a string SYNOPSIS
#include <string.h> char * strstr(big, little) char *big, *little; DESCRIPTION
The strstr() function locates the first occurrence of the null-terminated string little in the null-terminated string big. If little is the empty string, strstr() returns big; if little occurs nowhere in big, strstr() returns NULL; otherwise strstr() returns a pointer to the first character of the first occurrence of little. SEE ALSO
index(3), memchr(3), rindex(3), strchr(3), strcspn(3), strpbrk(3), strrchr(3), strsep(3), strspn(3), strtok(3) STANDARDS
The strstr() function conforms to ANSI C X3/159-1989 (``ANSI C''). 4.4 Berkeley Distribution January 15, 1996 STRSTR(3)
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