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NLIST(3)										 NLIST(3)

       nlist - get entries from name list

       #include <nlist.h>

       nlist(filename, nl)
       char *filename;
       struct nlist nl[];

       Nlist  examines the name list in the given executable output file and selectively extracts
       a list of values.  The name list consists of an	array  of  structures  containing  names,
       types and values.  The list is terminated with a null name.  Each name is looked up in the
       name list of the file.  If the name is found, the type and value of the name are  inserted
       in  the	next  two  fields.   If  the  name  is not found, both entries are set to 0.  See
       a.out(5) for the structure declaration.

       This subroutine is useful for examining the system name list kept in the file /vmunix.  In
       this way programs can obtain system addresses that are up to date.


       If  the	file  cannot be found or if it is not a valid namelist -1 is returned; otherwise,
       the number of unfound namelist entries is returned.

       The type entry is set to 0 if the symbol is not found.

4th Berkeley Distribution		   May 15, 1985 				 NLIST(3)
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