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MKTEMP(3)										MKTEMP(3)

       mktemp - make a unique file name

       char *mktemp(template)
       char *template;

       char *template;

       Mktemp  creates	a unique file name and returns the address of the template.  The template
       should contain a file name with trailing X's,  normally	something  like  /tmp/tempXXXXXX.
       The  X's  are  replaced	by the current process number and/or a unique letter combination.
       Mkstemp makes the same replacement to the template but opens the template file and returns
       a  file	descriptor open for reading and writing.  Mkstemp avoids the race between testing
       whether the file exists and opening it for use.	The  number  of  file  name  combinations
       mktemp  and  mkstemp  will  try depends on the number of X's placed on the end of the tem-
       plate; six X's will result in them trying roughly 26 ** 6 combinations.

       access(2), getpid(2), open(2)

       Mktemp returns NULL on failure, mkstemp returns -1 if no suitable file could be created.

7th Edition				  April 10, 1987				MKTEMP(3)
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