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L3TOL(3)										 L3TOL(3)

       l3tol, ltol3 - convert between 3-byte and long integers (2BSD)

       l3tol(lp, cp, n)
       long *lp;
       char *cp;

       ltol3(cp, lp, n)
       char *cp;
       long *lp;

       L3tol  converts	a list of n three-byte integers packed into a character string pointed to
       by cp into a list of long integers pointed to by lp.

       Ltol3 performs the inverse conversion from long integers (lp) to three-byte integers (cp).

       These functions are useful for file-system maintenance under  2BSD  where  disk	addresses
       within inodes are three bytes long.


       l3tol and ltol3 are unique to the PDP-11 and 2BSD; their use is discouraged.

3rd Berkeley Distribution								 L3TOL(3)
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