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INSQUE(3)										INSQUE(3)

       insque, remque - insert/remove element from a queue

       struct qelem {
	    struct    qelem *q_forw;
	    struct    qelem *q_back;
	    char q_data[];

       insque(elem, pred)
       struct qelem *elem, *pred;

       struct qelem *elem;

       Insque  and  remque manipulate queues built from doubly linked lists.  Each element in the
       queue must in the form of ``struct qelem''.  Insque inserts elem in  a  queue  immediately
       after pred; remque removes an entry elem from a queue.

       ``VAX Architecture Handbook'', pp. 228-235.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution		   May 20, 1986 				INSQUE(3)
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