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GETLOGIN(3)									      GETLOGIN(3)

       getlogin - get login name

       char *getlogin()

       Getlogin returns a pointer to the login name as found in /var/run/utmp.	It may be used in
       conjunction with getpwnam to locate the correct password file entry when the  same  userid
       is shared by several login names.

       If  getlogin is called within a process that is not attached to a terminal, or if there is
       no entry in /var/run/utmp for the process's terminal, getlogin returns a NULL pointer (0).
       A  reasonable procedure for determining the login name is to first call getlogin and if it
       fails, to call getpwuid(getuid()).


       getpwent(3), utmp(5), ttyslot(3)

       Returns a NULL pointer (0) if name not found.

       The return values point to static data whose content is overwritten by each call.

7th Edition				November 27, 1996			      GETLOGIN(3)
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