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devices(3) [bsd man page]

Qt Device Classes(3)                                                   SoQt                                                   Qt Device Classes(3)

Qt Device Classes - Classes class SoQtDevice The SoQtDevice class is the base class for the translation devices. The SoQt device classes provide glue functionality for translating native GUI events from the underlying toolkit to Inventor scenegraph SoEvent events. " class SoQtKeyboard The SoQtKeyboard class is the keyboard input device abstraction. The SoQtKeyboard class is the glue between native keyboard handling and keyboard interaction with the Inventor scenegraph. " class SoQtMouse The SoQtMouse class is the mouse input device abstraction. The SoQtMouse class is the glue between native mouse handling and mouse interaction in the Inventor scenegraph. " Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for SoQt from the source code. Version 1.5.0 Sun Dec 11 2011 Qt Device Classes(3)

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SoQtKeyboard(3) 						       SoQt							   SoQtKeyboard(3)

SoQtKeyboard - The SoQtKeyboard class is the keyboard input device abstraction. The SoQtKeyboard class is the glue between native keyboard handling and keyboard interaction with the Inventor scenegraph. SYNOPSIS
#include <Inventor/Qt/devices/SoQtKeyboard.h> Inherits SoQtDevice. Public Types enum Events { KEY_PRESS = 0x01, KEY_RELEASE = 0x02, ALL_EVENTS = KEY_PRESS | KEY_RELEASE } Public Member Functions SoQtKeyboard (int eventmask=ALL_EVENTS) virtual ~SoQtKeyboard (void) virtual void enable (QWidget *widget, SoQtEventHandler *handler, void *closure) virtual void disable (QWidget *widget, SoQtEventHandler *handler, void *closure) virtual const SoEvent * translateEvent (QEvent *event) Friends class SoQtKeyboardP class SoGuiKeyboardP Detailed Description The SoQtKeyboard class is the keyboard input device abstraction. The SoQtKeyboard class is the glue between native keyboard handling and keyboard interaction with the Inventor scenegraph. All components derived from the SoQtRenderArea have got an SoQtKeyboard device attached by default. Member Enumeration Documentation enum SoQtKeyboard::Events Enumeration over supported event types. Enumerator: KEY_PRESS Maskbit for a keyboard button press event. KEY_RELEASE Maskbit for a keyboard button release event. ALL_EVENTS Combined bitmask for all possible events. Constructor &; Destructor Documentation SoQtKeyboard::SoQtKeyboard (intmask = ALL_EVENTS) Constructor. The mask specifies which keyboard-related events to handle. Others will just be ignored. SoQtKeyboard::~SoQtKeyboard (void) [virtual] Destructor. Member Function Documentation void SoQtKeyboard::enable (QWidget *widget, SoQtEventHandler *handler, void *closure) [virtual] This method will enable the device for the widget. handler is invoked with the closure argument when an event occur in widget. Implements SoQtDevice. void SoQtKeyboard::disable (QWidget *widget, SoQtEventHandler *handler, void *closure) [virtual] This method will disable the handler for the device. Implements SoQtDevice. const SoEvent * SoQtKeyboard::translateEvent (QEvent *event) [virtual] This method translates from native events to Open Inventor SoEvent events. Implements SoQtDevice. References SoQtDevice::getLastEventPosition(), KEY_PRESS, KEY_RELEASE, and SoQtDevice::setEventPosition(). Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for SoQt from the source code. Version 1.5.0 Sun Dec 11 2011 SoQtKeyboard(3)

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