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VHANGUP(2)									       VHANGUP(2)

       vhangup - virtually ``hangup'' the current control terminal


       Vhangup is used by the initialization process init(8) (among others) to arrange that users
       are given "clean"' terminals at login, by revoking access of the previous users' processes
       to the terminal.  To effect this, vhangup searches the system tables for references to the
       control terminal of the invoking process, revoking access permissions on each instance  of
       the  terminal that it finds.  Further attempts to access the terminal by the affected pro-
       cesses will yield i/o errors (EBADF).  Finally, a hangup signal (SIGHUP) is  sent  to  the
       process group of the control terminal.

       init (8)

       Access to the control terminal via /dev/tty is still possible.

       This call should be replaced by an automatic mechanism that takes place on process exit.

4th Berkeley Distribution		  June 30, 1985 			       VHANGUP(2)
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